– High frequency system with advanced technology.
– Universal input voltage: 85Vac÷264Vac, 50Hz÷60Hz.
– Charging process fully controlled by microprocessor
– Efficiency > 85%.
– Charge cycle begins with battery as low as 2V.
– Thermal protection against over heating.
– Environmentally protected IP66 rating, no Fan.
– CE compliant.
– Maximum relative humidity: 90 %
– Maximum input current: 15A rms.
– Operating ambient temperature: -40 to +45 °C (-40 to 113 °F)
– Equipped with NC relay for safety interlock connections
– Charging curves for lead-acid, Gel and AGM batteries. Any other curve available on request.
– Easy selection between charging curve for Lead-acid (Wet) batteries or charging curves for Gel or AGM batteries without opening the charger
– EZ-Lamp allows for remote red/yellow/green charge status indicator also displays signals in case of anomalies (Battery not connected, reversed…etc)
– Protection with an output relay against polarity inversions, short circuits, over-voltages or anomalies.





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